Give me any object, within reason, and I will line it up

This past weekend, the wedding I was organizing supplied me with their escort cards and a box of little NYC taxi’s for the cards to be placed in. When the clients mentioned to me that they were supplying these taxi’s, I thought it would be great way to see how the Lex-Aligner works. I also thought the taxi’s would be larger than they were and not have the coiled wire holder on the top of them, thus it really gave me (and the Lex-Aligner) a run for our money!

Usually it takes me about 15 minutes to get the cards organized and aligned. This time it took me 30 minutes but I was doing it all on my own, card by card and wire holder by wire holder. Needless to say, I surprised myself and felt very accomplished that this tool (which was being conjured up in my head for years) which my Papa and I have spent months on designing, has held up to another test!