Wow! It’s been a while…

One of the last times the Lex-Aligner was used before the pandemic hit New York City.

Over the past six months or so, we have been working hard to create, update and fine tune multiple prototypes to what we believe will be the best version of the Lex-Aligner. We have done everything from changing the base to having the arm align on angles and even updating the texture of the metal. Once you get your hands on the device, you will love it!

Due to the pandemic which closed Lexi’s place of work, she hasn’t let that keep her down and continues to work on our small family owned business. The extra “downtime” has given us the ability to concentrate on the design and implementation of the Lex-Aligner. And we are happy to report that as of today, the application for the patent has been submitted! We are on our way to great things.

And most importantly, we will be exhibiting the Lex-Aligner for the first time [in public] at the Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 18 and 19, 2020! So if you are planning on attending, make sure to stop by our booth to say hello!

Give me any object, within reason, and I will line it up

This past weekend, the wedding I was organizing supplied me with their escort cards and a box of little NYC taxi’s for the cards to be placed in. When the clients mentioned to me that they were supplying these taxi’s, I thought it would be great way to see how the Lex-Aligner works. I also thought the taxi’s would be larger than they were and not have the coiled wire holder on the top of them, thus it really gave me (and the Lex-Aligner) a run for our money!

Usually it takes me about 15 minutes to get the cards organized and aligned. This time it took me 30 minutes but I was doing it all on my own, card by card and wire holder by wire holder. Needless to say, I surprised myself and felt very accomplished that this tool (which was being conjured up in my head for years) which my Papa and I have spent months on designing, has held up to another test!


Hi and thanks for visiting. Please excuse the metal shavings and hiccups while we are ironing out all the details to bring you the most ingenious tool every meeting and event planner will love to get their hands on.