What is it?!

What is a

The patent-pending Lex-Aligner is the only escort card alignment tool on the market

Gone are the days of having to visually align your guests’ escort cards only to find that they are out of line and crooked! Now you can have straight, perfectly-spaced and aligned rows of cards that are picture-ready with no hassle.

The Story Behind It All

For years, Lexi had an idea brewing in her mind about a device which could easily align escort cards for social events. She would get frustrated with the time it always took to line the cards up perfectly in rows only to accidentally hit one and the entire row would have to be done over. She knew the device needed to be attached the table she was working on and it also needed some sort of armature to place the cards in a straight line.

Never having discussed her idea with anyone, she casually mentioned her idea to a friend who suggested she “go for it”. Her next call was to the only person she knew who would be able to transform her idea into a working piece, her dad. After multiple phone and video calls discussing what would be required and how it would need to work, Lexi received a package weighing close to 20 pounds. Inside the box was a modified hard-sided gun case and inside that was the first prototype of the Lex-Aligner.

Since that first prototype, the Lex-Aligner has gone through some rigorous tests, been reconfigured multiple times and a patent is currently pending.